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These FAQ’s answer many of the most common questions regarding 360 Degree Photography and Virtual Tours, but please call us if you have a question

Q. Do I need to revise my web site for a Virtual Tour?
A. There is no need to do this, just add a link. You can upload a photo or just use plain text to the Virtual Tour or Interactive Image and we can provide a Logo FOC. If you are revising your web site, then it is a good idea to discuss with your developer how they might want to use the Virtual Tour or even just the 360 degree Panoramic Image as they may wish to move the pages around.
Q. How are 360 degree Virtual Tours hosted?
A. We host the completed tour for 12 months FOC. You will also get the completed Virtual Tour and 360 degree Panoramic image and files for you to upload to your server, all included.
Q. How long will you be on site to take the 360 degree Panoramic Photography?
A. There is minimal disruption, each Virtual Tour image takes about 10 minutes as most of the work is post production.
Q. How mush does a Virtual Tour or Interactive Image cost?
A. It is easy to get a fixed quote from us. Generally the tours start around 490.00 but give us a call.
Q. Will they run on different media?
A. Yes, we design our Virtual Tours on HTML5 and Flash.
Q. Can I add Movies or sound tracks and links from my existing site to the Virtual Tour?
A. Yes, all Virtual Tours can have Interactive points, called “Hot Spots”, which will take you to another link such as Video, Photo, pdf etc etc, no problem at all.
Q. Must I have an Internet Connection for a Virtual Tour?
A. No, although these Virtual Tours and Interactive Images are designed for use on the internet, they can be put on portable memory such as CD, Flash Drive or even the Hard Drive of the Computer. Virtual Tours in HTML5 can also be hosted on iPads and iPhones off line with the use of a suitable app such as USB Pro.
Q. When having 360 degree Object Spin Images, do I have to bring the products to you?
A. This will depend on the product but we have portable equipment to take 360 spinning product images on your premises
Q. I have one more question?
A. Please just give us a call and we will be pleased to talk over any questions you may have on 360 degree Virtual Tours, 360 degree Panoramic Images, Interactive points and the i360 spin object application